Jessica Sheehan Smith

~ work 

Into the Blue

2012- present

Images shown in the  Satrealist Show, "The Birth of Light,"   June 1, 2012. Comprised of Cyanotypes prints, and other mixed media works.  Explorations in light developement and image-making from organic materials.   

Lost in the Forest


 Borrowing from the title of Pablo Neruda's poem by the same name, this body of work explores the connection between the physical and the ethereal aspects of figural forest forms as they strain upward from the earth.  Finding freedom in combining the processes of printmaking and painting, the artist's images of twisting tree bodies and tangled vines depict the dynamic energy of being in the forest environment.  The exhibition shows the evolution of this synthesis over the course of her undergraduate study. 





Print Photography

2003- 2006

Prints shown are 35mm Black & White, and Color Film.  Interest in textures of natural elements such as stone, wood, bone, forest floor, and the translucent quality of fog.