Jessica Sheehan Smith

~ words &  musings


Our Spiraling Existence toward the Freedom of Soul

           Our world may at times seem to move forward in confusing circles of: I’ve been here before, and why does this keep happening to me—the constant chatter of feelings and desires, efforts to make sense of our ever so tenuous grip on existence.  The colors of our life light may at times seem muted, fogged even, through a hazy screen of unnecessary distraction.  And yet it is our malcontent that pushes us to reach a point of perfection or level of happiness that drives us on, in disillusioned attempts to cross some ill-conceived finish line, as we find ourselves chasing the wrong truth—or rather chasing a lie for which society has mistaken the one and only truth of life.  We search and look to pull such a meaning from life as to satisfy our raging hungers for “completion.”  We continue to dig, and dig, and dig, deeper and deeper, preying on life until, in that moment of exasperation and revelation one in the same—we discover! 

          We discover that this “meaning of life” is indeed no one place, no finished product that would seemingly satisfy our human restlessness.  Instead, we see that our destiny is one perhaps of more difficulty yet resulting in one of higher achievement.  No life progresses in circles.  A circle is to cover the same ground as once before, indeed a meaningless déjà vu; progression is no such thing.  No… we shall draw the utmost meaning from life, if viewed from an insightful spiraling—up, up, up—evolving our inner strength and knowledge until all the parts within us become one.  One in mind, and body, and soul. 

           We discover it was in us all along—time stands still, as ethereal as the flutter of the heart, as rapid as the bat of an eye, as delicate as a breath of air… we find for all our outward searching, battling mortality to wield the ambitious mind—our chase has been in vain.  It is to look directly into the sun in hopes of finding enlightenment… when the moon provides palpable solace.  No… instead, we find the truth where it has always been, when we quiet the voices of desideratum and discover our true self.  We must find our peace within the beautifully crafted soul that, in fact, each of us is.  As we spiral deep into the center of our being, we discover a fragile simplicity.  Simplicity in truth.  Divine.  Pure.  Simple.  It is forever inside of us, the inner power of SOUL—all that which is good and true in our lives—we must find this beauty.


—jss. 2003.